Wonderland Unbound: Research and Submission instructions

Wonderland Unbound: Research and Submission instructions

Assignment this week:

Visit the Cassady Lewis Carroll Collection in the Special Collections at the Doheny Library.   Sign up for one of the sessions below to work with Curator of the Collection, Abby Saunders, by clicking on the corresponding url below. You will be expected to stay for the entire session.

Friday, January 24, 10-11:30AM – http://collectionvisit24.eventbrite.com
Thursday, January 30, 1-2:30PM – http://collectionvisit30.eventbrite.com
Friday, January 31, 10-11:30AM – https://collectionvisit31.eventbrite.com

For the visits, Abby will put out a “petting zoo,” so students can see and interact with items from the Wonderland and Lewis Carroll collections! She will give a brief tutorial on how to find, access,  view, handle, and cite the items in Special Collections. The teams will look through the archive boxes and start their research. There will be an informal discussion towards the end of the session. The goal is to get students excited about the materials and to give you an understanding of how to research the collections.

If you can’t make any of these three session times, please email Abby to set up an individual research consultation or come in to work on your own by creating an account and request items through Aeon: http://aeon.usc.edu/. Special Collections hours are from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, and Saturday 1-5pm.

Call for Student Animators, Digital Artists, Musicians, VJs and Projection Mapping Enthusiasts


Prepare a 20-60 second movie inspired by Lewis Carroll to be projection-mapped onto Doheny Library. Wonderland Unbound, a USC Vision & Voices event, will celebrate the10th anniversary of the USC Libraries’ Wonderland Awards in front of the Doheny Library on April 17, 2014. 7StarSun  (www.7starsun.com), a group of professional animators, VJs and performers, is partnering with the USC Libraries to create a stunning and whimsical 2-hour performance that will be projection- mapped onto the facade of the library in conjunction with synchronized lighting and sound in the Alumni Park.  We invite students to create a piece that compete to be shown as part of the performance.  The performance will consist of movies mapped onto the building and interactive games through which students can explore gems from the library. Scenes interpreting Carroll’s work, including a scene from Alice in Wonderland (“The Pool of Tears”), an audiovisual reading of the Jabberwocky, and lots of spontaneous remixing of media created over the decades inspired by Carroll’s marvelous imagination.

The event will also include music and mapped visuals and evolve into an interactive dance/cocktail party as the evening progresses. We will take the audience on a journey through work inspired by Lewis Carroll, showcasing artifacts from the archives of the library, previous Wonderland award entries, and our own creative interpretation of his work. The evening will be lively, wonderful and fun.

Submission guidelines

Student submitted video/movie should be:

  • approximately 20-60 seconds
  • include audio (encouraged but not required)
  • be inspired by some piece from Carroll’s body of work
  • must fit into our mapping scheme (so that it will look great  when projected onto the building).

Creatively, we encourage you to let your imagination run free and make any kind of media that you like. This includes:

  • experimental cinema
  • motion graphics
  • animation
  • music
  • or any hybrid that you can bring to the mix.

We will provide resource materials, including a 3D model of the building and an After Effects project template that you will use to place your movie into the mix. We can also discuss creative strategies and mapping techniques to give your piece maximum visual impact.


When you submit your final movie to 7StarSun on March 13, it will automatically be entered into the Wonderland Awards competition, as well as considered for possible inclusion in the projection mapping project directed by 7StarSun. (These are two separate things, but you need to only submit once.)

The Library jury will select their favorite piece to be awarded a special Wonderland award with prize money (this award will have its own category outside of the general awards, to be selected only from media work submitted to this mapping project).

7StarSun will select the pieces for the live projection mapping project, based on whether they fit within the parameters of the submission guidelines and if time allows. They anticipate from 15-20 works will be selected, and if yours is selected, you will be notified by April 7th. To be clear, there is no guarantee that your work will be included in the final live performance of Wonderland Unbound.


February 1, 2014  Submit concepts for consideration

March 12, 2014  Deadline for final movie. We will crit them in Seminar class.

March 15, 2014  Submit final movie to 7StarSun.

April 17, 2014  Wonderland Unbound Opening and Reception at Doheny Library

Research at the Doheny Cassady Lewis Carroll Collection


1. Set up a user account: http://www.usc.edu/libraries/locations/special_collections/using/first_time.php

2. Read about Special Collections at USC: http://libguides.usc.edu/specialcollections http://www.usc.edu/libraries/locations/special_collections/

3. Read about the Wonderland Awards: http://www.usc.edu/libraries/wonderland/

How to request materials:

To request Wonderland Award items:

  1. Go to http://aeon.usc.edu/
  2. Set up an account and log in.
  3. Under “New request” at the left, click on “finding aids,” “USC Libraries.”
  4. search “wonderland” in the search box
  5. Select “Finding Aid for the Wonderland Award Submissions collection”
  6. Click the button “Request materials from this collection” at top left
  7. Scroll down and select the items you want to look at
  8. Fill out rest of form, including the date you’d like to visit. Then submit form.

To request rare books and Lewis Carroll items in Aeon:

  1. Visit the HOMER catalog: https://library.usc.edu/uhtbin/webcat
  2. Do Advanced Search including the phrase “cassady collection.” Choose “special collections” as the library.
  3. Scroll down and select the items you want to look at
  4. To request materials, click “request this item” to the right of the call number.
  5. Log in or create and Aeon account if you don’t have one.
  6. Fill out rest of form, including the date you’d like to visit. Then submit form.  You have permission to take photos (no flash). Let me know if you want copies or need to arrange for special digitization.
  • Abby L. Saunders Curator, Cassady Lewis Carroll Collection, Special Collections, Doheny Memorial Library
  • email:  Abby.Saunders@usc.edu tel:  213-740-3672 fax:  213-740-2343

2 Responses to Wonderland Unbound: Research and Submission instructions

  1. RE: Copyrights

    I asked: Can we submit the work we make for the Doheny architecture mapping project to other places, like film festivals. For example, If I use parts of Dali’s “Alice” images, can I show it anywhere other than at Doheny.

    Carroll Collection Curator Abby Saunders replied: In the case of Dali’s Alice, it is still in copyright. If the work was to be shown at a festival, one would need to obtain the rights. (look for information on the) copyright page, and links below on how to obtain the rights:

    Information on obtaining rights to Dali’s work: https://www.salvadordali.org/serveis/drets_imatges/en_drets_obra_fotografies.html

    Cornell guide to copyright – http://copyright.cornell.edu/resources/publicdomain.cfm

  2. RE: Scanning at the Special Collections Library:

    A one week turn-around is for general users and general use. However, because you are working on a project with us, I am happy to accommodate more speedy and appropriate digitization. You are welcome to bring in your scanner, camera or special lighting, etc. And, I can set you up in the seminar room off the reading room. (Call ahead to) reserve the room for this purpose. Otherwise, let us know what you want digitized, and we can get it done for you as soon as you need it.

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