Week nine: “Wonderland Unbound” final projects–instructions

Week nine: Screening and crits of  Wonderland Unbound projection mapping project

“Wonderland Unbound” final projects are due in class next Wed. night 3/12/14. We will have a new class folder for final projects. The files should be Quicktime, Photojpeg codec. with 90% compression. Please use the same resolution as the template composite that was provided. For students who are providing sound effects and/or music soundtracks please render different versions:

  • 1 with no sound
  • 1 with sound efx only
  • 1 with sound efx and music
Name your files with the “title_no_sound.mov”  and “title_with_fx.mov” and  “title_with_fx_and_music.mov”

Sound is a bonus but not required.

That said, sound effects can add so much more impact to your visuals and of the overall experience! Please consider taking the time to add some well-placed sound effects, such as meowing Cheshire cats, opening and shutting windows and doors, screaming Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole, ticking clocks, rivers of water, etc…

If your piece is visual music, than of course, you will need to have that particular music for it to work right. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me or contact Thomas Williams: biomorphica@gmail.com

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46 Responses to Week nine: “Wonderland Unbound” final projects–instructions

  1. Josh Weisbrod says:

    It is amazing to see what DADA students are capable of given just a small amount of time and the restrictions outlined by the project guidelines.

  2. Caress says:

    Really spectacular student work tonight!

  3. Ivan Sayon says:

    Very entertaining! Good job everyone!

  4. Ruthie Williams says:

    Everyone’s work was really cool and engaging! Nice work! 🙂

  5. Jessie Wang says:

    Very cool! Despite everybody is busy with their own projects, everyone is able to make something shine through!

  6. Joanna Barondess says:

    I think seminar was a lot of FUNDERLAND!!! Great job, err-body.

  7. Yizhou Li says:

    Everyone did such cool and fun videos for the projection. It was nice to see what some people thought of for the assignment.

  8. Dustin Reno says:

    There was some fun ideas and lots of nice work. Good job, everyone!

  9. Jason Ronzani says:

    Cool beans! I’m looking forward to the show. I’m curious to see how they are going to string everything together. They’ve got a lot of really great content and I it will be cool seeing it all up on Doheny.

  10. Evan Harbuck says:

    Looking forward to seeing these projected!

  11. linhui wang says:

    Everybody did great job. I’m looking forward to see these be together.

  12. Great works shown, very eager to watch these on the Day!

  13. sis07cm says:

    Everyone made a great job! I hope all of them are project at Doheny library!

  14. Jake Zhang says:

    Everybody did a good job on their projects. Looking forward to see how these be edited together.

  15. joseph Yeh says:

    Awesome stuff! And had good fun working on this.

  16. Tristan says:

    I can’t wait to see all this stuff full size.

  17. You guys! We are awesome. Can’t wait to see these projected on the building.

  18. That was such a fun night – I wish we had more chances to do work together and then screen it because I love seeing everyone’s stuff!

  19. Tim says:

    Everyone’s work was SO good, really excited to see the audience reaction when this all gets projected.

  20. Brian Rhodes says:

    This was fun. I enjoyed everyone’s iteration of this story. Look forward to the concert!

  21. I enjoyed having the opportunity to create a project that wasn´t thesis and I got to do things without the burden of the thesis. I don´t imagine this film being projected in Doheny but it was good to let out some Jabberwockies out of my spirit.

  22. earnason says:

    This was a fun night, I was enjoyable to see all the different takes on the subject. I am happy LaMar helped Simon realize his inner potential.

  23. Sophie Xing says:

    It was a fun class. I enjoyed to see everyone’s work. It’s very dynamic. Everyone is talented!

  24. Yifu Zhou says:

    It was interesting to see everyone’s work. Totally different feeling compare the actual projecting on the building with the projection in seminar.

    • elisabethmann says:

      Yifu, can you follow up with this thought a little more? I’m interested to hear how you found it different being there in person from being in the theater?

  25. Maggie Harbaugh says:

    Everyone’s work was really fun. I agree with Yifu, the difference between seeing it on screen and projected on the building was pretty great. When projected on the building they felt larger than life and it was interesting to see how the architecture of the building enhanced the videos, especially the films that made a conscious effort to work with elements of the library such as windows, doors, statues. Also, I had seen my work projected on a screen in classrooms plenty of times, but never on a building. So cool! I know both Fernando and myself had a great time working the event. I was pleased to see such a great turn out as well as the work done by 7 Star Sun. Turned out to be a really fun night! As Nesli said, “Thanks for MAKING us do this.”

  26. Fernando Rabelo says:

    It was a surprise for me to see how great the work done by us students looked different when screened at the Doheny Library. The show provided by 7StarSun was incredible and the environment they created to present all the artwork really helped to bring these pieces of animation to life. I was also a great chance for me to help them out and to understand better how the process of projection mapping works. Congratulations to all for their beautiful work. The audience was stunned and very interested about the USC animation students’ work.

  27. I thought I was done with my final project when I presented my interactive animation tool, and the “Try Me” filter during seminar. I had afterall, just shown 1 minute of animation and provided a tool for making more in real-time. But the temptation to project work as tall as a building was too great. And I spent nearly every waking moment (and some sleep time, in the form of dreaming) making a 2 min 30 sec stand-alone animation. Seeing the work projected on Doheny Library was a thrill. Sometimes size does matter!

    BTW – my favorite piece was by Ivan and Joanna. I was disappointed their work (or any animator’s work) was not recognized by the Wonderland Unbound judges. This was an unfortunate oversight, and one that I hope doesn’t deter from future win-win collaborations between USC departments.

  28. Andrew Malek says:

    Mercy, the value of projection really is hard to appreciate until you see it in all of its glory. Its the sort of thing that you wish was happening all over the place, but I think the cost of quality projectors kind of limits it accessibility. In any case it was great to have such an opportunity and see the work of all my colleagues. Sometimes I think that you can see a lot of person in their more rushed and hurried projects, so its always a learning experience. Great job!

  29. Sijia Huang says:

    Cool guys!!!!!!!! wonderful done !

  30. Zheng Kang says:

    Everyone’s work was awesome, I am so excited to see the audience reaction when this all gets projected. I totally didn’t imagine the final effect before that. When our works projected on building it was so fantastic! It was a great surprise! I understood why Lisa let us do this project when I saw our works. It was so different and so charming. The environment they created to present all the artwork really helped to bring our animations to life! Awesome!

  31. Eric Cheng says:

    It’s happy to see everyone’s project. We got various of cool ideas and I need to say, some projects are so dammit good!

  32. With the added bit of hindsight, I’m really truly impressed with the work that everyone did. The circumstances were a bit…quirky to say the least but I’m glad we all took a very abstract, surreal, whimsical, even deeply disturbing tangents off of the work of Alice. I think the assumption that Alice in Wonderland can only be appreciated at stoner art seems to diminish the work of Lewis Carrol and folks like us. We don’t NEED narcotics to be immensely creative and it was quite the canvas to display our work on.

    With this I propose we project on Tommy Trojan next. What’s the worst that could happen?

  33. Li,Xia says:

    Everyone did great job with such tough schedule. It is amazing. unfortunately I didn’t go to see the building project.

  34. Yawen Zheng says:

    It’s very excited to see everybody’s work on the big building! The effect is even better than we saw it on the screening. This is a very interesting and creative projects, I’m very happy that we attend this project and I with we can have more time to make our part much better!

  35. Lanzhu Jian says:

    very cool project. so creative

  36. Reggie says:

    Again, it was awesome to see everyone’s projects on the big screen before the Wonderland Unbound event. Everyone did a fantastic job with their concepts with the limited time given.

  37. Ning Xu says:

    sooo coool. I m honored to participate in this project.

  38. Simo Liu says:

    Very cool to see everyone’s Alice projects!! Great jobs!!

  39. Frank Gu says:

    Nice Work to every one! Great job

  40. Emily Chung says:

    Great job everyone 🙂

  41. Chaoqi Zhang says:

    It’s amazing to see the diversity of different Alices in Dophne, works are great during the busy time.

  42. Fan Feng says:

    So good to have this chance to make wonderland project and make sure again my classmates are so good ,so talented..

  43. I really appreciated the variety of works shown. Alice is such a known story, and it s great to see that there is still place for new concepts and interpretations for this great book. everyone sees its crazyness in their own way, and that is what I find fascinating

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