Week five: 7StarSun

This week 7StarSun returns to hear and review our pitches for the Wonderland Unbound project.

Please place your concepts into the Ctan 522 class folder located on fileshare before class.

The gallery below features a selection from 7StarSun’s project ‘Tesseract’ as well as a collection of stills from the Lewis Carroll collection.

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41 Responses to Week five: 7StarSun

  1. Ryan Gillis says:

    It was incredibly generous of 7starsun to give each project proposal such individualized consideration and feedback. They were super positive about everything, and they had exciting ideas. I’m proud of all the animators’ ideas as well, it looks like there’s going to be a lot of fun stuff all up in Doheny.

  2. Sophie Xing says:

    I really like 7Starsun’s works. It gave me a lot of imagination. I’m glad to make something for the project of Wonderland Unbound, it’s another challenge to me as well. I will try my best to do the project and see what I learn from it.

  3. Dustin Reno says:

    Everyone had good ideas, and I hope we’re all able to make them look nice on the library.

  4. Yizhou Li says:

    It was interesting seeing some people have same inspirations and similar ideas, but they have variety in art styles and result. It will be curious to see it finished in the end.

  5. Andrew says:

    The detailed feedback provided by 7Starsun was indeed very generous and helpful, and it is always a treat to see the wonderful ideas of my fellow classmates. I think Wonderland Unbound should prove to be very interesting.

  6. linhui wang says:

    It was pretty good to have a look at others awesome ideas, and also to get the suggestions and encouragement.

  7. Ivan Sayon says:

    I enjoyed looking at everyone’s ideas and it offered a great opportunity for people to collaborate on similar themes and to narrow down concepts. I think everyone’s finished work will look great.

  8. Caress says:

    It was great to see the diverse ideas everyone had. It was pretty cool to also have Ryan have the same idea as Josh and me…Everyone’s going to have terrific projects!

  9. Jason Ronzani says:

    Seeing all the range styles and techniques of the pieces was very inspiring. 7StarSun was very kind to drop in and give us all feedback and they had some great advice to make all of the work stronger. It will be interesting to see the end result. I think it will be quite chaotic in the end but that seems to go hand in hand with Lewis Carroll’s work.

  10. Evan Harbuck says:

    Everyone presented interesting ideas and it was kind of 7StarSun to come back to hear pitches but personally I didn’t get much out of this one.

  11. Joanna Barondess says:

    It was interesting to see what the other students are producing for Wonderland Unbound and it was so great to have 7StarSun come back and give us feedback. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  12. Tristan says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing all this ambitious projection mapping. I hope it comes out as great as the proposals.

  13. Josh Weisbrod says:

    It was interesting to see everyone’s ideas. 7StarSun’s representatives gave us a lot of feedback which will be useful in putting together the finished product.

  14. Maggie Harbaugh says:

    Hey everyone! Can’t wait to see what we all make. So far it promises to be pretty cool.

  15. Amelia says:

    I agree that it was great that they wanted to give us each individual feedback. So nice and positive. I do wish that we had spent a little less time on each because that was one of the LONGEST seminars. All in all, though, it was fun to see what we’re all gonna make!

  16. I finally convinced Lamar. We are going down a deep hole together. He´s now part of the dream along with Fernando Ravelo. We are going through the looking glass. I hope the dreams does not become a nightmare if our project doesn’t get selected. It would be terrible. JABBERWOCKY!

  17. Tim says:

    great to see everybody’s approach to this, i am at school with some very talented people! very excited to see this work projected. and i agree with ryan, individual feedback was very good.

  18. Joseph Yeh says:

    These projects are going to be awesome and I really look forward to seeing the selected pieces on the library.
    7StarSun seems like a baller team of artists- this is a great career path to explore.

  19. Fan Feng says:

    I cooperate with Sijia for this project. We want to build a very fancy Mushroom Bar, the mushroom will change a lot and have a lot fancy appearances. Different kinds of rabbits jump out from everywhere, like from left to right or jump out from the window.
    I was very appreciated for the comments from 7StarSun and Lisa. I am so excited to finish this project.

  20. earnason says:

    Very many exciting ideas were presented and it should be a fun thing to see come to life.

  21. Frederico de Sa Fernandez says:

    Loved the Ideas present in the room. Very inspiring. I hope to bring some freshness out of my own work as well. We should always keep in touch by showing our personal processes of animation.

  22. Yawen Zheng says:

    7starsun’s work is really great and everyone’s work is awesome too ! can’t wait to see their final work !

  23. Christina Brous says:

    Everyone’s ideas looked great, and the final results were even better! What’s even better is that most of us haven’t done projection mapping before and everyone was able to do such a good job.

  24. calcagno3 says:

    It’s nice to be able to get this type of perspective from the folks that we submit a project to for once; a lot of times whenever it comes to this kind of collaborative process you feel like you’re releasing a child to its first day of school without ever knowing how well it’ll do or what you could’ve done differently. I appreciated the feedback from the 7StarSun panel even if I didn’t have anything terribly concrete to present to them but they seemed to have dug most of the proposals!

  25. Brian Rhodes says:

    They are awesome artists and it pushed me to make more dynamic work.

  26. I’m uploading the videos to the Hench DADA website now, and it’s so fun to see everything we made! I’m glad we had the chance to make the same project – something I wish we did more – because the shared experience was great.

  27. Yifu Zhou says:

    I feel it’s very interesting seeing everyone’s works and see how different those ideas is. We are inspired by the same wonder land. However, everyone’s work is different. It’s is even more fun to see those ideas develop into the actual projection on the building.

  28. Fernando Rabelo says:

    This was awesome. It’s good to see that even in stressful situations and tight schedule, our students still to manage to be very creative while bringing up new ideas for a medium most of us have never worked on. This was a great opportunity to see how some minds also think when a different challenge approaches them. Everybody brought very interesting ideas and it was incredible to see how they evolved later on in the semester. Thanks for 7StarSun to give us the opportunity work in their project, be part of their show and try a different medium that is becoming popular nowadays.

  29. Reggie says:

    It was incredible seeing all the presented ideas executed. I enjoyed experimenting and collaborating with Simon and Fernando. It was a great opportunity to take a little time to work on a fun project with friends. 7StarSun’s and the class’s feedback was insightful and inspiring.

    I attended the Wonderland Unbound event. Seeing the videos on Doheny Library blew me away. Everyone’s videos looked great, and I was happy all the videos were screened. Hopefully the videos will be screened at other events.

  30. This was the rare occasion that seminar speakers are also soon-to-be collaborators. Seeing 7StarSun’s presentation, then seeing their studio space in the Big Art Lab (http://www.bigartlabs.com/bigartlabs_home.html ) gave me the impression that our group screening at Doheny would have more of a Burning Man vibe, than lets say a Fine-Art one. I realized we were making – or should be making – work that compliments an outdoor rave, than one that illuminates a scholarly understanding of Lewis Carroll. That was refreshing and energized me to use Dance and Humor in my storytelling – rather than to look for some new relevance of this 150 yr old story to our times. I tend to overthink and over analyze. 7StarSun and this collaborative effort to celebrate Lewis Carroll gave me the OK to try to make work that simply makes people happy.

  31. Sijia Huang says:

    It is great to see all those different ideas. And the one how they develop the building is very interesting !

  32. Zheng Kang says:

    I really enjoyed 7Starsun’s works. It inspired me a lot. I was glad to make something for the project of Wonderland Unbound. Everyone had good ideas. And also very appreciated for the comments from 7StarSun and Lisa, really helpful.

  33. Eric Cheng says:

    Thanks a lot for those valuable feedbacks and great advises from 7StarSun and Lisa. it’s a honor to present idea to you.

  34. Li,Xia says:

    7 starsun’s feedbacks is very generous, everyone showed talented idea for this project, and did a lot of work, it leads to me very embarrassing who only did one picture for this project. therefore I didn’t do presentation in this class.(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

  35. Ning Xu says:

    7 star rocks and they are very nice and bright artists.

  36. lanzhujian says:

    I had a chat with 7star earlier of the semester, and I think their work are very very interesting interact with reality experience. I thought about my experience in undergrad, I was gonna do something like this, but I explain to people, nobody understand me.. sad. now I m in united states, many great artist doing this kind of interesting work, But however, my field is moved to somewhere in this point. just feel a little sad.

  37. Simo Liu says:

    7 starsun’s works are very cool. Their films include varies styles and fun ideas. Also thanks them to give us very helpful and inspiring feedback for our Alice projects.

  38. Frank Gu says:

    7 starsun’s works are fantastic!!!!!!!!

  39. Chaoqi Zhang says:

    7StarSun are very open to diversity of artworks, and embrace to be together, so good works come from that.

  40. i was very excited to see what this collaboration would bring, and it actually brought more than I would ever expect! they were inspiring, open to new ideas and flexible, which I feel made the collaboration with them so enjoyable

  41. Ruthie Williams says:

    One of the best parts of seminar this semester was working with 7StarSun. It was a really fun project, and I really appreciated that they took the time to come and give us feedback and include everyone in Wonderland Unbound. Within one semester I was able to practice pitching to professionals, display my work in a theater with an audience and receive immediate feedback, and lastly have my work projected on a building in front of a live outdoor audience where I could stand in the crowd and feel the reactions played out. In each instance my work played differently and I knew a little bit more about the environment of each. I learned so much from this experience! Thank you!

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